Investment Rationale

  • Asset vastly under-leased and poorly managed and application of an effective leasing and management would produce much improved asset performance.
  • Well located in the popular Westbury Submarket, nestled in the heart of Houston’s Willow Water Hole Park, with good proximity to schools, commercial and major transportation lines.
  • Close proximity to sister property, Las Villas del Parque, allowing for economies of scale and more effective management.
  • Due diligence discovered a well-built asset with deferred maintenance at manageable levels, allowing rehab dollars to achieve large impact.
  • Units inherently rentable, featuring a good mix of desirable floor plans and sizes.
  • Negotiated very favorable acquisition pricing based on other like kind asset and comparable market sales.

Current Status

  • Asset is cash flow positive, in good repair, operating and performing well.
  • All rents are approaching market rates.
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